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How to start achieving your goals with these 3 simple tips

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Setting goals is something many of us love doing, but so many fall by the wayside when life just gets in the way!

Meetings to attend, emails to answer, presentations to write or deadlines to meet are all reasons why the things that matter most to us, our personal goals, get put on the back burner.

Sometimes, our motivation wanes and we can’t stick to taking the actions we need to achieve the goal we have created.

Here are 3 tips to keep you motivated to achieve your goals:

1. Decide why you have chosen this goal

What are you looking to achieve by accomplishing this goal?

Is your motivation for success extrinsic?

  • wanting recognised success

  • generating money

  • making someone else happy

This becomes exhausting and stressful because you fear failure.

Or, are you doing this for intrinsic value?

  • confidence

  • self-fulfilment

  • personal achievement

Goals that are set for your own intrinsic motivation are far easier to stick to as you will see the results in your own personal growth.

Sophrology helps you build your own set of values and enhance your confidence so you focus on what is important to you.

2. "Away from' and 'Towards' Motivation

Many goals are set to move away from a specific behaviour or life situation we no longer want. These targets are often based on fear and efforts are highly focused on leaving behind something uncomfortable ie. not wanting to be broke.

In this situation, when you do make money, you feel that you can relax and the motivation to continue subsides.

Towards motivation is something that can be more sustainable in the longer term. It might be a goal such as “I want to acquire a certain skill so that I increase my learning and value to employers”.

As you approach your goal, the energy to keep going increases.

Sophrology helps you to focus the subconscious mind on your goals so you start to model the behaviours that will attract success.

3. Do you really believe you can achieve your goal?

As the success of this goal will rely 100% on you, is this goal self-initiated and are you able to maintain it yourself, without relying on others to motivate you?

You need to be able to feel confident that the responsibility of success lies with you and you can’t blame others when you come up against hurdles along the way.

Self-belief is a powerful tool and as the quote above shows, having the right mindset when you embark on a goal is vital.

Sophrology helps you to create a positive mindset that empowers you to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

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