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The Power of the Mind is the Real Power in Sport

Sophrology for sport offers you, the athlete, a toolkit of techniques that enables you to go beyond what you think is possible. 


Learning the ability to become present gives you the power to overcome past concerns or mistakes and focus on current action, enabling you to play with flow. 

Sophrology helps you clear your mind of any doubts of achievement, transforming your energy from fear to resilience and high performance.

Positive start

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Sophrology in sport helps a competitor to build a positive mind and body connection. 

Fear of failure often comes from the need to succeed from yourself or the perception of external pressures. The body interprets this as a threat, and the result is that you tense up and are unable to play with flow.

Sophrology can help you adapt to performance pressures, building your self-confidence in your own ability to perform at your best.


Enhance Concentration and Focus

When matches aren't going the way you planned, it is easy to become distracted, allowing the mind to wander off the task in hand. This can lead to costly mistakes.

Sophrology teaches you to become more attentive to the present moment during competition, improving your ability to focus and prevent errors.


Improve Emotional Management 

In the heat of competition, emotions can become high, your heart may start to race and frustration can lead to errors or distraction. Whilst passion is positive, too much emotion can be detrimental to your performance.

Sophrology exercises focus on strengthening positive emotions, enabling you to remain calm and balanced so you can perform at your best.


Injury Prevention

The aim of Sophrology is to help your body prepare better to prevent injuries and make the most of recuperation between competitions. 

Intense exercise can take its toll on the body and tense muscles can lead to serious injury. Sophrology exercises help the body to relax, enabling the athlete to be efficient on the day of competition and to recuperate faster.

"Featured on the Jonny Wilkinson 'I Am . . . podcast where we discuss the power of Sophrology to help manage pressure, reduce anxiety and live more in the present in order to reach high performance."

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