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What our clients are saying about us . . . . . 

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Alexandra Whiteman -

Mental Health Network Co-Leader


"I really enjoyed new ways of learning to relax. I have now branched out from just doing mindfulness to doing some other exercises that aid my relaxation and help switching off at the end of the day. I would recommend Sophrology to colleagues."


Matthew Packham -

Risk Director

Lloyds Bank

"I now have more ability to recognise when stress is building and an ability to then focus on myself, take a break, breathe and then resume. I would definitely recommend Sophrology."

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Angus Nisbet -

Managing Director


"I am calmer and it is very useful having a wide range of exercises to call on in my 'toolkit'. I love the simplicity of Sophrology and the way it links the mind and body."

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Drew Povey -

Business and Sport Leadership Consultant

DPC Consulting

"In a world where wellbeing is such a big agenda, I believe that many of the elements of Sophrology are the answer. I think this work is important for everyone, from the boardroom to the sports field and in life in general. I would say the biggest benefit of Sophrology has been the awareness it has brought into my life, both physically and mentally. Without question I would recommend this work, particularly with Alice delivering it."

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Mike Lockton -

Litigation Partner

Francis Wilks & Jones

"Alice was incredibly easy to engage with and never made anything sound too complicated. I can see how employees who need some support could be offered Sophrology as a way to help combat any issues of stress or imbalance in their lives."

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Sally Cornelius -


The Happy Ocean Company

"Sophrology has been amazing - daily moments of calm and positive thinking to keep myself calm and relaxed. Lots of breathing exercises that I now use. Sophrology is something everyone should be aware of."

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