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See yourself in a Different Light
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Sophrology is. . . . 

  • A series of short, simple exercises you can build into your daily routine

  • A tool you can use at any point to reduce feelings of anxiety or distress

  • A method to improve your sleep

  • A practise that requires no equipment or level of fitness

  • A method to connect your body and mind

  • A powerful blend of Western Science and Eastern philosophies

What can Sophrology help me with?


Stress Management

Help with depression and anxiety, improving focus, combatting exhaustion and burnout.


Sleep Deprivation

Relaxation methods, breathing techniques, increased quality of sleep.


Self - Development

Overcoming negative self - talk, building confidence, gaining resilience and thinking positively.


Preparing for Future Events

Presentations, interviews, and major events

Burnout and mental anxiety are increasingly common. Too much stress can lead to reduced performance, decreased focus and lack of creativity.

Sophrology teaches you to relax your body and quieten your mind so that you can reframe negative thoughts, manage unhelpful emotions and increase your self-confidence to perform at your best.

"Fundamentally, what everyone needs is mental strength and confidence, to manage the mind, just as we manage the outside world" - Mata Amritanandamayi

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Where does it come from?

Also known as 'Dynamic Relaxation', Sophrology was created in Spain by neurologist and psychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo in 1960.

For over 60 years, it has been widely used across Europe in diverse settings including corporate environments, elite sport and healthcare and has been advocated by high flying CEO's and Olympic athletes.

It is officially recognised by the French Government and in Switzerland, it is reimbursed by the Swiss National Insurance as it has been proven to reduce medication by 30% after regular practice.

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To start your Sophrology journey, get in touch here

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