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Positive start

Positive Start & Lunchtime Lift

A positive mindset in the morning can set you up for a more productive day.

'Positive Start' and 'Lunchtime Lift' are a series of short Sophrology sessions to help employees kickstart the day with a calm and focused mind, or, receive a boost to help them get over the midday slump and be more productive for the rest of the day.

Each session will involve a breathing and Sophrology exercise. Regular practice of Sophrology improves its impact so these sessions are offered on a daily or weekly basis.

Get in touch  to find out how 'Positive Start' or 'Lunchtime Lift' sessions can be delivered in your business.

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Some companies face the challenge of delivering their wellbeing initiatives at scale. Hurdles can support your corporate goals by running webinars open to all employees via a personal registration programme.

The webinars will include some information about the topic, an explanation of the exercise and then attendees will be shown a simple, practical Sophrology exercise that they can take away to practice in their own time.

Each webinar is tailored to issues you want to address within your workforce.

Contact us  to discuss your needs

Group Sessions

Learning with others can provide support and offer an opportunity to share experiences.

Hurdles offers group sessions for organisations to generate feelings of inner calm which deliver increased confidence and focus, so individuals feel empowered to achieve their goals. You will learn simple techniques that can be used on the move or practised at home.

Contact us  so we can discuss your group's specific needs and recommend the right option for you.

Individual Sessions

A personalised experience:

We all have different requirements, concerns and pressures, so each individual session is tailored to you. Whether you want to overcome stress, sleep better, think positively or feel more focused, Sophrology can help you relax, connect and reset.

Face-to-face consultations can be arranged at your place of work or online sessions are available in the comfort of your home via Zoom or Skype and will last up to an hour.

You won't need to wear any gym kit or use any equipment, just come as you are!

Get in touch  so we can discuss your  personal needs and find the right solution for you.

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