Act Rather than React
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The power to shape your reality lies within you.

Hurdles works with businesses and sporting organisations who want to support employee wellbeing, teaching clients the power of learning to live in the present moment.


We help clients manage stress, sleep better and improve focus so that they can handle challenging situations and enhance their performance through the life-changing method of Sophrology.

Our clients tell us that Sophrology gives them the tools to overcome personal and professional hurdles, relax and reset in stressful situations and feel more confident in achieving their goals.


Created by a neuro-psychiatrist, Sophrology is a powerful mixture of wellbeing techniques to help you reach optimal health through a series of regular mind and body exercises.

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"Featured on the Jonny Wilkinson 'I Am . . . podcast where we discuss the power of Sophrology to help manage pressure, reduce anxiety and live more in the present in order to reach high performance."

"Taking up Sophrology could be the key to unlocking your mind's potential"